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Monday, June 13, 2005

A Non-Catholic Hits The Box

Forgive me father, its been nearly two months since my last blog......

During this time I have committed many sins. Thus I must confess the following:

1) I foolishly believed once again that this was the year for FSU baseball and watched both super-regional games.

2) I went back to Smokey Bones after I vowed never to go back. Once again, my pulled pork was dryer than Beef Jerkey.

3) I actually sat thru Miss Congenialty 2......Sandra Bullock was in it....isn't that a good enough excuse?

4) I must admit I did wait by the computer today for the Michael Jackson verdict. He was found not guilty? Big Surprise.

5) I sat through an entire Tampa Bay Devil Ray game.....what there wasn't any WNBA action on?

6) I ate enough times at Whataburger in two months to feed a Tsumani victim for four years.

7) I ate healthy meals and worked out way too much during one week in May.

What is my penance?

Say Three Hail Marys and update my blog every Monday.

I guess I can do that........

Monday, April 18, 2005

MrSears aka Drug kingpin

Like most of the free world at one time or another, I spent this weekend in the midst of a 5-day cold. Can't breathe, can't sleep.......pretty much worthless. So I hop in the green hornet and head to my local connection (aka Walgreens). After crusing the different aisles, I've accrued my necessary fix: Some alleve, Sudafed cold and sinus, Vicks cough syrup and the industrial size bottle of Niquil. I'm good to go. As I suffer through the gridlock that is Walgreen's customer service I finally make it to the counter. I throw down a pair of Andrew Jackson's awaiting my goodies. But its never that easy is it? I'm informed by the friendly staff that I will not be allowed to purchase all four items at one time. Some "little-known" codicil in the Walgreens policy manual is preventing me from purchasing all of my items. Apparently they think I'm starting a Meth lab. Fortunately while strictly enforcing their policy they still allow me to get three items on this purchase....then come back 5 seconds later and get the fourth. Beautiful...that's a well-written policy.......I struggle home and take two shots of Niquil and fall into a drug-induced haze......peaceful sleep at last.

Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Midnight And I'm In The Driveway

Since the early 70's one of the real fixtures of local radio was the broadcast of Atlanta Braves baseball. For many a summer evening I was lulled to sleep by the friendly sounds of Milo Hamilton, Ernie Johnson and company. Later Hamilton would depart for Houston and Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren would step in and take over. With artful relevance and humor I would indure some awful seasons. But like a devoted fan I became accustomed to their voices. They would always be there. As life changed they were a constant reminder of a better and simpler time. Then tragedy would strike. It was only a five years or so ago that the old Sports Director at WNLS Lee Bowen (may he now rest in peace) made the fateful and confusing decision to remove Braves baseball from local radio so we could listen to the Devil Rays. A decision that would eventually signal the downfall of Sports Radio in Tallahassee.
For those of us that love baseball, it was always meant to be heard on radio. Something that TV can't replicate. Now thanks to our friends at XM, those of us who love Braves baseball on radio have been given a new life. So, If you call the house at 10:30 at night and I don't answer, don't assume I'm asleep. I'm probably sitting in my car listening to Skip & Pete. What better reason to be in your car.

Monday, March 28, 2005

The Center of the Universe

Matters of great importance have been discussed and debated in many venues for as far back as we can all remember. Maybe it was over a fine dinner in your favorite restaurant. Maybe it was while fishing on a hot summer day. Or maybe while you were standing in line to vote This is Florida after all. Well now there's a new place were the problems of the world are addressed, dismissed and ignored. And all over a friendly game of table tennis. For every Monday thru Wednesday the small community center nestled in the heart of old Tallahassee takes it rightful place as the Center of the Universe. For its here that Lafayette Park Community Center takes on the unlikely role of host to this eclectic cast of characters that make up this powerful Table Tennis Club. But don't be deterred by the term "club". There are no dues, you just have to have a paddle, a general dislike of "dog" people and a thick skin and you're ready to go.
Maybe the problems of the world won't be solved here. Heck, they may not even be addressed. But you didn't really come here for that did you?

Monday, March 21, 2005

The Cyborg Cometh

Was it just me or did Mark McQwire look like he just finished chemotherapy at the Steroid hearings? Actually I think this is how you look when you stop taking steroids. Lots of steroids. McQwire looked weak and completely without an intelligent bone in his body. His pathetic ramblings about not "naming names" and "talking about the future, not the past" was like a scene out of a bad made-for-TV movie. Who's advising this guy? Don King? Here the bottom line: Make a truthful statement, admit you took the steroids, apologize, tell kids not to do it and move on. These aren't the McCarthy hearings, baseball is not going to black ball you. You only hurt yourself....and frankly the majority of us who didn't care for you in the first place have only been given more ammunition.