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Monday, March 28, 2005

The Center of the Universe

Matters of great importance have been discussed and debated in many venues for as far back as we can all remember. Maybe it was over a fine dinner in your favorite restaurant. Maybe it was while fishing on a hot summer day. Or maybe while you were standing in line to vote This is Florida after all. Well now there's a new place were the problems of the world are addressed, dismissed and ignored. And all over a friendly game of table tennis. For every Monday thru Wednesday the small community center nestled in the heart of old Tallahassee takes it rightful place as the Center of the Universe. For its here that Lafayette Park Community Center takes on the unlikely role of host to this eclectic cast of characters that make up this powerful Table Tennis Club. But don't be deterred by the term "club". There are no dues, you just have to have a paddle, a general dislike of "dog" people and a thick skin and you're ready to go.
Maybe the problems of the world won't be solved here. Heck, they may not even be addressed. But you didn't really come here for that did you?


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