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Monday, April 04, 2005

It's Midnight And I'm In The Driveway

Since the early 70's one of the real fixtures of local radio was the broadcast of Atlanta Braves baseball. For many a summer evening I was lulled to sleep by the friendly sounds of Milo Hamilton, Ernie Johnson and company. Later Hamilton would depart for Houston and Skip Caray and Pete Van Wieren would step in and take over. With artful relevance and humor I would indure some awful seasons. But like a devoted fan I became accustomed to their voices. They would always be there. As life changed they were a constant reminder of a better and simpler time. Then tragedy would strike. It was only a five years or so ago that the old Sports Director at WNLS Lee Bowen (may he now rest in peace) made the fateful and confusing decision to remove Braves baseball from local radio so we could listen to the Devil Rays. A decision that would eventually signal the downfall of Sports Radio in Tallahassee.
For those of us that love baseball, it was always meant to be heard on radio. Something that TV can't replicate. Now thanks to our friends at XM, those of us who love Braves baseball on radio have been given a new life. So, If you call the house at 10:30 at night and I don't answer, don't assume I'm asleep. I'm probably sitting in my car listening to Skip & Pete. What better reason to be in your car.


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