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Monday, April 18, 2005

MrSears aka Drug kingpin

Like most of the free world at one time or another, I spent this weekend in the midst of a 5-day cold. Can't breathe, can't sleep.......pretty much worthless. So I hop in the green hornet and head to my local connection (aka Walgreens). After crusing the different aisles, I've accrued my necessary fix: Some alleve, Sudafed cold and sinus, Vicks cough syrup and the industrial size bottle of Niquil. I'm good to go. As I suffer through the gridlock that is Walgreen's customer service I finally make it to the counter. I throw down a pair of Andrew Jackson's awaiting my goodies. But its never that easy is it? I'm informed by the friendly staff that I will not be allowed to purchase all four items at one time. Some "little-known" codicil in the Walgreens policy manual is preventing me from purchasing all of my items. Apparently they think I'm starting a Meth lab. Fortunately while strictly enforcing their policy they still allow me to get three items on this purchase....then come back 5 seconds later and get the fourth. Beautiful...that's a well-written policy.......I struggle home and take two shots of Niquil and fall into a drug-induced haze......peaceful sleep at last.


Blogger ekimniroc said...

hey kingpin--you in jail or you got nothing to say?

1:47 PM  

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