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Monday, June 13, 2005

A Non-Catholic Hits The Box

Forgive me father, its been nearly two months since my last blog......

During this time I have committed many sins. Thus I must confess the following:

1) I foolishly believed once again that this was the year for FSU baseball and watched both super-regional games.

2) I went back to Smokey Bones after I vowed never to go back. Once again, my pulled pork was dryer than Beef Jerkey.

3) I actually sat thru Miss Congenialty 2......Sandra Bullock was in it....isn't that a good enough excuse?

4) I must admit I did wait by the computer today for the Michael Jackson verdict. He was found not guilty? Big Surprise.

5) I sat through an entire Tampa Bay Devil Ray game.....what there wasn't any WNBA action on?

6) I ate enough times at Whataburger in two months to feed a Tsumani victim for four years.

7) I ate healthy meals and worked out way too much during one week in May.

What is my penance?

Say Three Hail Marys and update my blog every Monday.

I guess I can do that........